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  • Stress Brings out the Difference between Male & Female Brains

    Hopefully this will help your xMas lunch with family and friends run smoothly. Closed for the Holidays, have a good one everybody 🙂

    Fact: Men usually tune out when they see an angry or stressed out face because their brains show decreased activity in an area of the brain associated with processing other people’s emotions and facial expressions.

    However women don’t have this privilege, as their brains show increased activity in that same area, unfortunately, if they don’t know this primal reaction is happening autonomously, they can easily assume that the person they are looking at, is stressed out with them, maybe they are, but the majority of the time it’s going to be work/life/stress related, but because their synapses are firing like crazy, situations like this can lead to arguments and cause even more stress.

    If you want to read the full study you can find it here:
    Stress Brings Out the Difference in Male, Female Brains…

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    By Shane Hogan

  • Mindplace Light and Sound Meditation Machines – The Procyon

    The Procyon is an Audio-Visual Synthesizer made by a company called MindPlace, this is an awesome device that allows tranquility and profound states of focus and calm, from the first moment you ‘plug-in’, you’ll synchronize your consciousness to heightened states. Light and Sound Technology makes the experience of Zen-like mindfulness and inner peace possible, and can break habitual undesired states like anger and restlessness. A session on what are also known as mind machines will settle and compose your mind as well as enhance your mood.

    To find out more about Mind Machines visit MindPlace, these devices are the ultimate toy for the tech who has everything, and I can personally recommend the Procyon which I use for accelerated learning (Sessions 2-4), Creative Visualization (Sessions 40-45), or for just chilling, if you prefer you can just sit back and watch the light show, which when mixed with your favorite CD-quality digital audio tracks from your home stereo, computer, mp3 player, or smartphone, you have the perfect psychedelic symphony for a fantastical journey to the deepest reaches of the mind and beyond.

    Mind Meditation Machines from MindPlace come in three different configurations called, Kasina, Proteus, and Procyon.


    I am currently working on some screencasts for the digital version of Audio Strobe called SynchroMuse (dAS), you can find the tutorial videos here, note this is an on-going project and as such video content is subject to change, I should also point out there is no need to program these devices for standard usage, just plug in and play one of the fifty meticulously-crafted sessions, which showcase the vast capabilities of the system and are all build upon scientific studies to deliver tracks that entertain and sync your consciousness to the highest levels of human awareness.

    While we’re on the subject of the mind, I have to mention, Dr. Jonathan Royle, who provides expert training in all things hypnotic, and NLPPA approved Neuro Linguistic Programming courses, and who’s seminars and training courses I can also personally recommend, having attended at least three so far, one of which was called “There’s no Such Thing as Hypnosis”,  which is a very informative, entertaining and mind expanding course, for more information visit