ScaleViz – A journey into Development

ScaleViz – A journey into Development
21st May 2014 Shane

ScaleViz was developed in Flash CS5 using ActionScript 3.0, which I have been learning since February 2011, AS3 was my quickest route to developing for iOS as I have experience working with timeline animation in Flash and some basic AS2 knowledge, although this didn’t help much as the language has changed significantly from AS2…

I started developing ScaleViz when Adobe first announced their Packager for the iPhone, but at the time I didn’t have an iOS device, then the project was cancelled, and so was ScaleViz, left on the shelf for another year, I did change the development to Flash Lite for a short while but didn’t get very far as device support was dwindling.

Eventually I got myself an iPod (Gen 2) and it absolutely blew me away, I could actually see ScaleViz working with swipes and my enthusiasm was reborn, within the next few days I joined the Apple Developer Program and guess what I did first, that’s right, the cobwebs were blown away, and ScaleViz was compiled, needless to say it didn’t work, it was all timeline and AS2 based. but, that’s how my AS3 journey started…

Notes on using Flash for App Development: The AS3.0 code sample’s are the same for all devices, the publish setting you choose when you compile your app, sets the target device.

For targeting Android devices you need to use, Flash CS5.5 using “Air for Android” as the publish setting (The Flash CS5.0 Air for Android Extension is no longer available).

For publishing to an iOS device, you need Flash CS5.0 with the “Flash Professional CS5.0 Update for iOS”, which you can find at Adobe’s Flash Support Center, or you can use Flash CS5.5. You also need to be a registered Apple Developer.

Note: If your not running the Mac version of Flash for iOS development you should have access to a Mac to create your .p12 certificate, and upload your binaries for review.

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My first iOS App ScaleViz created entirely in ActionScript 3.0, went live July 2011, and shows how music theory relates to your guitar fretboard, you can check it out here http://appstore/scaleviz I have also created Annual Reviews for companies like Mind, FAQ's for Epson UK, taught ECDL and I'm a zombie in the feature film Wasteland UK My hobbies include playing the guitar, watching horror films, astronomy, snorkeling, hypnosis NLP and expanding my knowledge in all areas of programming and graphic design.