JD Zombie Hunter – Old School Platform Adventure Game!

JD Zombie Hunter – Old School Platform Adventure Game!

The Story

JD was found ravaged beaten and left for dead, lucky for him some friendly villagers found him, now he must pay back their kindness and save the world from hordes of undead.

Can you help JD find out his real name? navigate a deadly gas filled castle, escape boiling water filled with invincible zombie fish?

JD Zombie Hunter will take you to the clouds, and beyond, can you solve the final riddle and battle your way through the catacombs, beat the boss zombie and rid the world of the undead once and for all, can you even find your way into the catacombs? all these questions and many more will be answered when you play:



 Details and Features

JD Zombie Hunter is an old school platform side scroller, inspired by Ghouls n Ghosts.

Some of the cool features include:

  • Challenging, fun & frustrating gameplay.
  • Universal
  • Beautifully Crisp HD graphics
  • Supports Family Sharing
  • Features Easy and Hard Core versions!

Take on the challenge and help JD complete the game today.

Download JD Zombie Hunter to your shiny new iPhone or iPad now.

Screen Shots










JD Zombie Hunter was developed with…

Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit”.