App Marketing & PR for Indiedevs

App Marketing & PR for Indiedevs
9th Sep 2015 Shane


A while ago I was passing an app development studio and I thought I would chance my arm and go knock on the door, to my surprise their receptionist took me upstairs to meet their Marketing guru, he was so helpful and sat with me for nearly half an hour telling me some very useful information, he told me that there is absolutely no secret to marketing, the rule of thumb is that you get 5-10 times the return you put in, so if you have no funds to market your app, don’t expect massive returns.

Keep reading for an awesome alternative to marketing, especially made for indiedevs.

Public Relations

Now if your marketing funds are limited, the alternative to marketing is PR which is obviously free, and he told me I need to take that first step and start picking up the phone and talking to people, his advice was, find a magazine that’s relevant to your app subject matter, look for an article you can relate to, that’s been well written, and by a journalist you respect, and tell them what you liked about their article and their style of writing and ask them if they would be kind enough to review your app, he also said to me, people want and like to help.

I hope this information helps anyone out there who is also an independent developer or just needs advice on where to start. But wait, I saved the best bit till last…

Indiedev Community Slack, Twitter, Facebook & Twitch streams

Now here’s some juicy information for all you Indiedevs out there.

@Morph_Studios has created a marketing group especially for independent app developers. Interested?…Read on.

Well as mentioned in the post description, the term IndieDev has now become a term of endearment and instead of feeling isolated, there is a group who can change this. And just as chefs call each other chef out of respect, you will start to feel respected as you will be in a group of like-minded developers, artists, musicians and even some marketers who have now joined and been kind enough to give their advice for free. Also most importantly, never feel isolated or alone again and be proud to call yourself or your fellow developer an IndieDev.

So how does this all work, well there is a Twitter group called IndieDev Community, a Facebook page, a Slack group where most of the action happens and where you will be invited to join once you have provided some minor details, and a streaming channel on Twitch where you can watch devs streaming live while coding their latest game, check out artists performing their magic, and gamers gaming live.

So what happens in the Slack group?

Well… Do you have some news you want re-tweeted or a thunderclap that needs supporting, maybe you want to collaborate with the community and ask some questions or join up with another indiedev to develop a game. Or maybe you would just like to support the community by giving your advice, sharing others tweets, Facebook posts or a combination of all of the above, the choice is yours.

Click the link below and fill in your details now, and get some help and support marketing your latest game or app, or simply get the word out there about your latest project, all via a community of like-minded individuals including,  developers, artists, musicians and marketers 🙂

So… Are you ready to join a marketing group made by developers for developers? Click here to join us

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