Alex Alien – Bedtime Adventures Across the Universe


Alex Alien is a HD family adventure for iPad, download on the App Store for FREE, and try it out for yourself, you can also read more about the creation of Alex Alien over at my blog.

*Free to download

Try out all four sections for yourself.

  • Play PeekABoo with Alex.
  • Figure out how to wake Alex.
  • Build a puzzle of the Earth
  • Play with the Moon Critters.

*Supports In-App Purchasing.

Alex Leaves Planet Vulcan

Navigate your way through a meteor shower using Alex’s jetpack.

Guide SpaceFly through the Oort cloud maze.

Tilt, tap, pop and drag to help Alex on his journey.


Alex’s Spaceship

Help Alex navigate his Spaceship on the way to Vulcans Circle Moon to catch moon worms for his dinner.

Guide Alex through the Wormholes.

Complete tasks that lead you to the next.

Alex’s Puzzles

This section contains an assortment of puzzles.

Complete a puzzle to lead you to the next.

Includes puzzles of SpaceFly, The Planets, Alex Alien and more.


Creature Chorus

Try out the Creature Chorus songbook to get you started.

Amuse yourself, your friends and family by picking out your own tunes.

Play with the Moon Critters for as long as you like!


11-12-13 Initial Release: Alex Alien Version 1.0 is now available for download on the App Store